Our Story

Beauty, empowerment, and confidence. There is a distinct feeling when a woman wears Luxeal hair that you must wear to recognize.

Luxeal was founded during creator Abbey Amode’s 10 years of running his London salon.  Unsatisfied with the quality of hairpieces he seen coming into his franchise, he decided to address a problem he saw often. A lot of his customers were arriving with hairpieces that shredded too quickly, didn’t color well, or lacked the natural bounce found in rich hair. Whenever they found good hair, the supply was inconsistent.

Driven to find a solution that makes customers look and feel complete, our product has been sourced from exclusive ethically sourced international vendors.  Luxeal is the premier brand for the woman who lives a lifestyle of luxury combined with confidence.  With the support of the top stylist in London, we have built a network based on our elegant hairpieces.

Luxeal is a black-owned business. We give global access to this premium hair and style with an industry-leading service fit for royalty. Luxeal takes pride in every detail.  Join us on our journey to revolutionize the Culture of Hair.

Though these may be true of the Luxeal woman, they just don’t explain that feeling. It’s simple. With Luxeal, you just need to wear it, live it and feel it to know.

And for the rest of the world, you can’t quite place your finger on it, but you know that there’s just something about the Luxeal woman. The Romans had roads, the French have their wine, and the woman have the Luxeal feel.

Our goal at Luxeal is to build more than just a distinct look, but a culture.  By sourcing only genuine, unprocessed, 100-percent virgin hair, we give women an unmatched and Luxe experience with the most natural-looking textures and lengths. The innate beauty women exude needs natural-looking hair to match.

We want to have you look your best, feel your best, and be your best, at all times.  

We invite you to experience Luxeal.

The Luxeal Team